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This is an agreement between you and SKARTIO (with its affiliates, “SKARTIO” or “we”,”our”). Please read these SKARTIO Terms and conditions carefully before using the SKARTIO Services on a Product. By using the SKARTIO Services, you agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement. If you do not accept the terms of this Agreement, then you may not use the SKARTIO Services and you may return your Product in accordance with any applicable return policy. 

Your use of any of the SKARTIO Services is subject to any additional rules, policies, and terms that apply to those SKARTIO Services. This platform includes a range of tools for merchants to build and customize online stores, sell in multiple places (including web, mobile, social media, online marketplaces and other online locations (“Online Services”) and in person (“POS Services”)), manage products, inventory, payments, fulfillment, shipping, business operations, marketing and advertising, and engage with existing and potential customers. Any such service or services offered by SKARTIO are referred to in these Terms of Services as the “Service(s)”. Any new features or tools which are added to the current Services will also be subject to the Terms of Service.


List of Contents

1. General

2.  Account

3. SKARTIO Right

4. Your Accountabilities

5. Payment of Fees and Taxes


7.SKARTIO Intellectual Property

8.Feedback and Reviews

9.DMCA Notice and Takedown Procedure

10.Privacy and Data Security



1. General

  1. Governing Law:The Terms of Service will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the ,state, national, or international law, without regard to principles of conflict of laws.
  2. The parties to the Terms of Service, as well as each of their respective heirs, successors, allowed assigns, and legal representatives, will be bound by and benefit from all of the terms and clauses in the Terms of Service. Without your knowledge or permission, SKARTIO may transfer these Terms of Service. Without SKARTIO's prior written authorization, which may be granted or withdrawn at SKARTIO's sole discretion, you will not be permitted to assign or otherwise transfer the Terms of Service or any of your rights or responsibilities hereunder to any third person.


2. Account

a. To access and use the services, you must register for a SKARTIO account.   To complete your account registration process, you must give us your business name, a working email address for your business, and any other details specified as necessary.

b. It is your responsibility to keep your password secure. SKARTIO cannot and will not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from your failure to keep your account and password secure.

c. Without the express written consent of SKARTIO, you undertake not to copy, replicate, sell, resell, or exploit any part of the service, use of the service, or access to the service.

d.You agree not to access the Services or monitor any content or information from the Services using  a robot or other automated methods.


e. Account Activation

The store owner and the users under staff accounts are each referred to as a "SKARTIO User."

f. Domain

When you purchase a domain name through SKARTIO, the domain registration will be set to renew automatically every year as long as your SKARTIO Account is active. You acknowledge that it is your sole responsibility to deactivate the auto-renewal function should you choose to do so.


3. SKARTIO Right

  1. Any verbal or written harassment of an SKARTIO employee, member, or officer, including threats of such harassment or retaliation, will result in the immediate termination of the Account.
  2. We don't guarantee exclusivity and reserve the right to provide our Services to your rivals. You further understand and accept that SKARTIO personnel and contractors may also be SKARTIO clients or merchants and that they may engage in business rivalry with you, but they may not do so with the aid of your Confidential Information (as defined in Section ).
  3. SKARTIO maintains the right to identify the correct Store Owner for an Account and transfer it to them at our sole discretion. Without limiting any other rights and remedies, SKARTIO reserves the right to temporarily suspend or disable an Account until a settlement has been reached between the disputed parties if we are unable to reasonably identify the legitimate Store Owner.


4. Your Accountabilities

  1. You are responsible for your SKARTIO Store, marketplaces, business sites, the goods or services you sell, and your customer relationships, not us.


5.Payment of Fees and Taxes

  1. Subscription Fees are paid in advance and are billed every 30 days (each such date is referred to as a "Payment Date"). SKARTIO reserves the right to charge Transaction Fees and Additional Fees at any time. All outstanding Fees that have not previously been charged will be charged to you on each Payment Date. Fees will be shown on an invoice, which will be emailed to the Store Owner at the Primary Email Address provided. In addition, an invoice will be displayed on the Account page of your billing section.
  2. We reserve the right to use any Authorized Payment Method in subsequent efforts to facilitate payment of Fees if we are unsuccessful the first time. Within 28 days of our initial attempt, we may suspend and revoke your access to your Account and the Services if we are unable to successfully process payment of Fees using an Authorized Payment Method. If you pay any unpaid Fees and the Fees for your subsequent billing month, your Account will be reinstated. Throughout any period of suspension, While your Account is suspended, you might not be able to access your shop or Account. SKARTIO retains the right to cancel your Account in accordance with its terms if any unpaid fees are due for 60 days after the date of suspension.
  3. The determination, collection, withholding, reporting, and remittance of all applicable taxes, tariffs, fees, surcharges, or other costs resulting from or related to any sale on your SKARTIO Store or your use of the Services is exclusively your responsibility. Any sales agreement negotiated through the Services is solely between you and the client.
  4. Refunds are not offered by SKARTIO.



  1. Each party acknowledges that it must only use the other party's confidential information as required to carry out its duties under these terms of service and in compliance with all other clauses, including this Section 6. Each Party Agrees that It Will Take All Reasonable Steps, At Least Substantially Equivalent To The Steps It Takes To Protect Its Own Proprietary Information. Confidential Information will not include any information that the receiving party can prove:

 (i) was already in the public domain, was already known to or in the possession of the receiving party at the time of disclosure of such information;

 (ii) was independently developed by the receiving party without using or referencing the other party's Confidential Information, and without violating any provisions of these Terms of Service; or

 (iii) was subsequently obtained with legal authority, shall not be considered Confidential Information.


7.SKARTIO Intellectual Property


You agree that you may not use any trademarks, logos, or service marks of SKARTIO, whether registered or unregistered, including but not limited to the word mark SKARTIO, the word mark SKARTIO payment. You agree not to use or adopt any marks that could be confused with SKARTIO. You agree that any variations or misspellings of the SKARTIO trademarks would be considered confusing. 

b.Theme Store

  1. Using a design template from the SKARTIO Theme Store, you can decide how your SKARTIO Store will look (a "Theme"). You are only permitted to use a Theme for one Store if you download it. If you close your initial Store, you are free to move a Theme to another one of your own Stores. Please get in touch with SKARTIO Support to start the process of moving a Theme to a different one of your Stores. A Theme may not be given or sold to another person's Store on SKARTIO or anywhere else. It is necessary to download from various stores, and there are fees associated with each download. No guarantee is made by SKARTIO that a certain Theme will continue to be accessible for new downloads.
  1. The designer still owns all intellectual property rights to the theme. Without limiting our other rights or remedies, SKARTIO may take administrative action, such as changing your Store or shutting down your Store, if you go beyond the rights allowed by your purchase of a Theme. Additionally, the designer may file a lawsuit against you.


8.Feedback and Reviews

SKARTIO welcomes any ideas and/or suggestions regarding improvements or additions to the services, and SKARTIO is free to implement and use the feedback if desired, as provided by you or as modified by SKARTIO, without obtaining permission from you or from any third party. Any reviews that you submit to SKARTIO must be accurate to the best of your knowledge and must not be illegal, obscene, threatening, defamatory, invasive of privacy, infringing of intellectual property rights, or otherwise injurious to third parties or objectionable.


9.DMCA Notice and Takedown Procedure

SKARTIO supports intellectual property protection and encourages its clients to do the same. It is our policy to respond to all allegations of copyright infringement. If a person believes that one of our clients is infringing on their intellectual property rights, they can use our form to send a DMCA notice to SKARTIO's designated agent. We may remove or disable access to the materials claimed to be infringing upon receiving a DMCA notice.


10. Privacy and Data Security

The privacy of your personal information as well as the information of your clients is a top priority for SKARTIO.  By utilizing the Service, you understand and agree that our Privacy Policy governs how SKARTIO uses, discloses, and uses this personal information. Privacy Policy.



a.Your rights under this Agreement will automatically terminate without notice if you fail to comply with any of its terms. In case of such termination, SKARTIO may immediately revoke your access to the SKARTIO Services. SKARTIO's failure to insist upon or enforce your strict compliance with this Agreement will not constitute a waiver of any of its rights.

b.The period of these terms of service will start on the date that you successfully register to use a service and will last until terminated by either us or you.


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