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What is CRM (customer relationship management) how can it benefit you?

CRM systems aid businesses in maintaining contact with clients, streamlining procedures, and boosting profitability. CRM software for businesses makes it feasible to manage customer and prospect relationships based on the data. Make information about every customer interaction, available to any employee who may require it and with all of their data in one place, businesses can see a complete picture of their customers and possibilities, which can be shared and analysed in real time by teams across the organisation.

      Features and Functionalities of SKARTIO CRM

      • Contact Management
      • Lead Management
      • Customer Management
      • Campaign Management
      • Analytics
      • Support

      What benefits may our CRM software provide for your company?

      SKARTIO offers a unified, integrated platform that meets all of your requirements while also providing exceptional consumer experiences.

        Customer Analytics

        Customer details

        Exportable data

        All data can be exported into pdf/csv format for further data analysis.

        Customer Group

        Customizable Email

        You are able to customize the email, your customer receives to match the look and feel of your store.

        Customer Review & Customer Rating

        Boost your credibility

        You can boost your credibility using positive reviews & customer rating. And make potential customers trust. SKARTIO helps you to monitor and keep track of customer reviews.


        Drive customer retention

        It assists you in generating more money from your current consumers, which has lower expense than revenue from acquiring new clients.

        No worries about Whether you are small or big.

        Many companies around the world choose SKARTIO CRM for their deals and to grow revenue.

          Capabilities of CRM

          • Better Customer Data Management
          • Automatic Marketing and Sales follow-ups
          • Trustworthy reporting
          • Identify and Convert More Leads
          • Dashboards that visually showcase data

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          Connect with our SKARTIO Capabilities

          Customer Management

          A strategic approach to customer management can help you build long-term customer relationships and grow your business. Building relationships with customers typically using different tools that will increase your customer-buyer ratio. Customer categorization and grouping are the main sections in customer IO.

          Lead IO (Lead Management)

          Enhance your abilities through effective strategies for your business . That can help to reach out to prospective customers and convert them into buyers. Use the SKARTO analysis to identify your target audience and use the Lead IO strategies to create a business network of your own.

          Partners IO (Partners Management)

          Collaborate with your customers to develop a partnership with them, engage your customers and set yourself apart from the competition. Our SKARTIO Partners management has been designed with flexibility in mind.