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Helps you create solutions like business sites, online store, market places quickly and easily

Neo - commerce cloud



Do beyond digital, go beyond ecommerceDevising integrated marketplace solutions

I am ready to take my business online or already have knowledge of ecommerce solution.

I have questions and would like guidance from an expert.

The first neo-commerce cloud platform for business to instantly launch marketplaces, e-commerce, digital commerce solutions with complete ecosystem. SKARTIO offers unified, yet connected & integrated, packaged business capabilities for enterprises.




PLANET platforms extends the e-commerce capabilities for the business to launch e-commerce business based on different e-commerce business model such as B2C, B2B2, B2B etc. It includes features like marketing, merchandising, finance and


Launch a Brand e-commerce Solution

Build an e-commerce site for your business and list your products and service available online for customers

Launch a B2B2C e-commerce/marketplace Solution

Providing the architechture and implementation of your integration platforms

Launch a B2C e-commerce Solution

Build multi-inventory online store and start your e-commerce journey to sell online through an inventory-led model.

Launch a D2C Dealer to consumer e-commerce Solution

Designing and building your APIs aligned to well defined standards.

Launch a B2B e-commerce Solution

Implementation of technologies and practises to automate your environments.

Launch a Business to Dealer to Consumer e-commerce Solution (B2D2C)

Configuring and implementing your identity management rules and technology.

The first neo-commerce cloud for small and medium business to rapidly digitalize their business. DISCOVERY helps you to spin-up the digital solutions with few clicks on the cloud. Tailor-made and diversified solutions for launching Websites, CRM & Leads, Appointments, Booking capabilities digitally.

Launch a Integrated Contact & CRM Solution for your business

Making Contact maragement easy. With ready-mace segments with an integrated CRM Solution for your business.

Launch Integrated Lead and Partner ManagementSolution for your business

Marage your channels and channels program with an easy lead and ceals management solution. Build an modern eco-system with SKARTIO




DISCOVERY platform extends small business suite c for business which includes features like website buil Management. Contact Management. Marketing and Management etc.Everything on a unified platform.


Yes! you need a website, launch your business website on SKARTIO rapidly Start your digital journey now, create a website for your business in few clicks, with the help of Skartio-Packs

Launch Small Business Suite a unified solution.

Smal Business suite provides a unfied solution for your business to marage customers partrers digitaly

Launch a Loyalty and Reward Management Solution.

Implements a Customer-First business strategy for your business and mange them digi taly

Launch a unified digital solution for Marketing and Sales.

Capture.Curate. Automate build a successful marketing campaigns.

Orchestra Your Ecommerce Solution-Flexible and Scalable

Devising Agile Commerce, Linking Strategy to Operations

SKARTIO platforms extends super flexibility to orchestrate your own solutions based on the pre-defined set of services available. You can easily enable or disable the required services as per your need to launch end-end to solution for your ecommerce, without overheads of add-ons & plugins. Build multi-channel commerce experiences for B2B and B2C customers on a single platform. From catalog to payment to fulfilment, our future-proof technology gives you a commerce platform that's endlessly flexible,extensible and scalable.

Integrate and Collaborate with Experience-Led Ecommerce Platform

[API -DATA-EVENT] Driven capabilities to build Unified, Yet Connected and Integrated Solution

SKARTIO is built on a headless approach which allows the business to seamlessly Connect and Integrate the applications.SKARTIO services are open to extension and connection to any other environment to increase efficiencies and reduce bottlenecks. It allows the business to subscribe any business events and build customized solutions for any custom requirements.

Run Your e-Commerce with No CapeX and Low OpeX

SKARTIO follows a Value-Based Billing, no monthly commitments, pay per use model. It helps you with lower total cost of ownership than open source platforms

SKARTIO reduces your investment to start an ecommerce business,with no Capital expenditures and with minimal operational expenditure. As the platform charges only based on your usage, you get adequate support to grow your business without spending much on the technology.

Empowering Business Friendly e-Commerce with Agility, Flexibility & Resilience


In a dynamic, ever-changing and fast-moving landscape

SKARTIO connects & unifies your strategy, marketing, merchandising, finance and operations for your ecommerce business to produce desired results and drives accountability with single source of truth

Devising Agile Commerce

SKARTIO PLANET extends the capabilities to enable functions like Catalog Management, Inventory Management, Warehouse Management, Order Management, Salers & Fullfillment Management & More. Planet platform comes up with different set of services & packaged capabilities like Planet Basic, Standard and Essentials.

Linking Strategy to Operations

SKARTIO DISCOVERY platforms extends the capabilities to enable business functiond like planning, marketing, lead generations, creating web portals and micro-sites for business. Discovery focus to linking your strategy into actions, supporting your ecommerce business to growth. Discovery comes with two editions-Business and eCommerce

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